Boehner Dry Sobs His Way to Hispanics’ Hearts

how novel…. obama’s decision seen as a measure of democratic obstructionism? remember this little number from boehner not long ago. republicans seem to have been stumped for any comebacks, retorts, responses, or tears to bemoan the hispanics who will not benefit from the president’s executive order. ‘ obama did it’ which is about equivalent to a jan brewer fast & furious Continue reading

3 birds with one stone……

lol…. gotta throw a shout out to this observation from local arizona journalist, E.J. Montini. it seems that AZ gov, Jan Brewer, is pointing that bony, crone finger once again accompanied by strident screeches of preposterous presidential pandering to explain the prez’s recent dream-lite action. i’ll take the observation a step further
and offer that the republican politicians-black republicans not withstanding – don’t like being Continue reading